InTouch for Accountants is designed
for accountants, by accountants.

Our clever software allows you to

The lnTouch for Accountants (IFA) package is proven to help accountancy practices ready themselves for growth, provide consistent ways of working and enhance their customers’ experience. We can help transform your business through a blend of consultancy support and industry leading software.

Are you:

Worried you are the single point of failure in your business?

Too busy or chaotic to make improvements?

Holding customer data in multiple places?

Worried about being GDPR compliant?

Using inconsistent processes?

Aware your business would suffer if you weren’t around?

Still using spreadsheets to manage your business?

Concerned you’re not providing optimal customer service?

Struggling to grow your practice?

Unable to quickly see customer status?


If you can answer yes to any of the above, select the best course of action for you: